Find out what to plant in Arizona for the winter and fall seasons

PHOENIX - The cooler months have finally arrived in Arizona and if you enjoy gardening it is helpful to know what you should plant.

Plants that do really well in garden are foxglove, flowering cabbage, snap dragons, pansies and delphinium. 

There are other plants that do really well in pots around the patio and front porch are geraniums and herbs.

The reason that you would put these plants in pots is because they don't do well in really cold temperatures so you can bring the pots in closer to your house on those days.

Herbs do really well in full sun. Herbs to plant now are thyme, parsley, oregano, rosemary and basil.

Make sure that you use good potting soil that contains starter fertilizer. It will really help your plants grow quickly and retain water so they don't dry out fast.

So get outside and enjoy this weather while getting your hands dirty planting this weekend.

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