Does the cold weather make it easier for you to catch a cold?

We just endured a long hot summer, and now it's starting to cool down a bit. In no time it will start to get really cold in the morning.

You've heard your mother tell you, "If you're going outside in the cold, you better take a hat so that you don' t catch a cold!"  Does the colder weather really make your body catch a common cold?

Dr. Maryann Ivons from the American Medical College of Homeopathy in Phoenix thinks there is no correlation between cold weather and catching a cold.

We're mammals and our bodies maintain a body temperature in most environments. If you go out in the cold, your body adjusts and maintains it's core temperature.

A healthy human body can handle some cold temperatures as well as very hot temperatures. It's when the body is stressed or not in a healthy state, does it contract colds and flu symptoms. 

There are no studies that have proved that outside temperatures can give you a cold.  If you continue to put yourself in a situation where you go outside and it's extremely cold all the time, you might stress the body and be more susceptible to commons colds.

The human body is an amazing machine that can adapt to so many different environments and conditions, that's why there are so many of us. If you eat healthy, exercise on a regular basis and have positive relationships with family and friends, your body is more likely to fight off most common colds and flu.

Now, get outside and enjoy this fantastic weather and bring lots of water and a good  friend with you!

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