Gilbert company, Heliae, turns green algae into gold

GILBERT, AZ - In Gilbert, they are growing algae in large numbers and it's making money for one company.

Heliae is a new company that is using its knowledge, scientific might and technology to grow algae and make a profit. It's the same stuff that grows in your ponds, canals and pools if left unchecked.

Heliae has a lot of educated and hard working people that are growing algae to make cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, feed stock for animals and even biodiesel and jet fuels.  

They are hoping to make Arizona the algae capitol of the world because it is the perfect environment for growing algae.

Arizona has plenty of sunshine, Carbon Dioxide and the perfect source of water that makes growing algae here very easy.

Algae is a very simple plant that uses sunlight to grow and can grow at a very fast rate. Some strains of algae can grow so fast that it can double its amount in 6 to 8 hours.

The biggest problem is figuring out how to extract the chemicals in demand from the algae, but Heliae has figured this out.

Most feed stock or animals around the world are fed protein that comes from fish or marine products, but those recourses are becoming limited.

Heliae has a long term goal of trying to perfect its technology to provide that protein for feedstock from algae.

Heliae is putting Gilbert on the map with this new technology and its creating new jobs for the Valley.

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