November storm in Arizona a record breaker!

This major fall storm has been impressive to say the least!

Over the course of three days, Thursday through Saturday, we received a grand total of 2.42 inches of rain making this the 2nd wettest November storm on record!

All of this rain also puts November 2013 on track to be the 7th wettest November in recorded history.

Here's the break down of how much rain we measured at Sky Harbor these past few days:

Thursday: 0.42"
Friday: 1.60"
Saturday: 0.40"

Friday was the wettest day of 2013 and a record breaker with a grand total of 1.60" of rain! That shattered the previous record for that date of a half an inch set back in 1973.

With that much rain, Friday also marked the wettest day in Phoenix in nearly 20 years!  We haven't seen this much rain in one day since August 20, 1995 when we received 1.59".

You'll have to go all the way back to 1990s to find a day when we topped 1.60". We measured 1.66" on July 24, 1992.


November 22, 2013 goes down as the 22nd wettest day on record.

Friday also marked the 2nd wettest day in November ever!  Here's the break-down:

November 10, 1923 - 2.24" of rain

November 22, 2013 - 1.60" of rain

November 14, 1993 - 1.58" of rain

November 11, 1931 - 1.41" of rain

November 14, 1918 - 1.40" of rain

November 27, 1919 - 1.29" of rain

November 1, 1995 - 1.25" of rain

November 30, 2007 - 1.23" of rain

November 20, 1902  - 1.16" of rain

November 12, 1941, November 26, 1905 - 1.02" of rain

Not including Friday, only one of those instances has occurred in the last decade and only three instances of an inch or more of November rain has occurred in the last 70 years. That's pretty remarkable!

In fact, we've only had one day so far in 2013 with an inch or more of rain in Phoenix. That was back on January 26th when Sky Harbor recorded 1.18". And, we didn't have any days at all in 2012 or 2011 with an inch or more of rain.

On average, Phoenix receives 0.64" of rain for the entire month of November and we more than tripled that with this single storm!

As of November 23rd, Sky Harbor has picked up 8.02" of rain so far in 2013. That's 1.06" above normal. So, we have more than made up for our rainfall deficit with this storm.

On average, Phoenix Sky Harbor receives 8.03" of rain for the entire year. So, even if we don't pick up a single drop the rest of the year, we'll finish 2013 near normal.


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