Monsoon 2013 comes to an end

PHOENIX - It's been weeks since we've seen any rain in the Valley but today officially marks the final day of the monsoon.

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We ended up with a good amount of rainfall this monsoon. Phoenix received nearly three inches of rain with most of it falling in July. The 2.99 inches of rain we saw at Sky Harbor this year puts us above the average Monsoon rainfall of 2.71 inches.

It was a much different picture in the high country though. Flagstaff saw its second wettest monsoon with a final total of 15.70 inches of rain!

However, as we look back at the season, rain wasn't the only big news-maker this monsoon.

Blinding dust, destructive winds, and flooding all hit the Valley. Despite a delayed start, the 2013 Monsoon did not disappoint. Many spots in the Valley were hit hard this year.

In the Southeast Valley severe storms and flooding were some of the biggest stories. Four separate microbursts in a single July afternoon left Ahwatukee residents with a huge cleanup. Some of the same areas were back at it again in September after a full day of rain left their communities flooded.

Flooding rain was also a big issue in the west and north Valley with many spots dealing with significant floods after heavy downpours.

Finally, as always it was those massive walls of dust that caught everyone's attention this summer. While most days the dust didn't make it far into the Valley, on August 26 we saw a classic haboob race through much of the Valley.

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