Why? Los Angeles Lakers' Steve Nash trying to keep kids from LA

PHOENIX - Former Phoenix Suns star Steve Nash is reportedly waging a battle to keep his kids from moving to Los Angeles.

TMZ is reporting that the Los Angeles Lakers star has objected to his ex-wife Alejandra's attempt to move the former couple's three children from Arizona to Los Angeles.

When Nash joined the Lakers, he said one of the benefits of being with the team would be that he could be closer to his children.

So why set up a legal fight to keep his children here in Arizona?

Could it be that Nash would be hit with more child support in California than Arizona, as TMZ reports?

Alejandra has reportedly hired one of L.A.'s biggest divorce lawyers to fight Nash in California and Arizona courts.

TMZ says they were told there is a gag order in place, so no one can talk about the case.

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