Steve Nash and Mike D'Antoni reunited in Los Angeles

Mike D'Antoni has reunited with Steve Nash as the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, and his first expectation for the two-time MVP is for Nash to lead the offense.

"Now it's our job and Steve's job to just get everybody on the same page and everybody understanding that this is how we're gonna win a championship and this is how we're gonna do it."

So how does he plan to win a championship? With the same style of play as we saw during the "Run 'n Gun Suns" era.

"I told the team if we're not averaging 110-115 points a game, we need to talk... That's our goal. It should be easily done."

A lot of the pressure will fall on Nash's shoulders, who remains out with an injury to his leg.

"I was just talking to Steve," D'Antoni said. "It's weird. When he feels better, I'll start to feel better. I've said it before, and I don't want to repeat too many lines, but I tried coaching without him and that didn't work too well. So, he's feeling pretty good, so I'm feeling pretty good."

Just eight games into the season, the Lakers have a 3-5 record, and averaging just 96.5 points per game.  That ranks 20th in the NBA.

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