New York Mets player Daniel Murphy takes paternity leave, receives public criticism

NEW YORK - A Major League Baseball player is receiving criticism for taking paternity leave for the birth of his child, but he’s sticking with his decision.

Daniel Murphy, New York Mets second baseman, missed the first two games of the season by taking time off, according to ESPN .

Murphy reportedly received word that his wife was going into labor and traveled to Florida for the baby’s birth, missing the opening game. He also missed Wednesday’s game, but returned Thursday.

According to ESPN, because of Murphy’s absence, a WFAN radio host said that the player could have “hired a nurse,” as well as, “what are you gonna do, sit there and look at your wife in the hospital bed for two days?”

Another radio host from WFAN reportedly said that Murphy’s wife should have had her C-section before the season started, but later apologized for his comments.

Murphy was aware of the criticism he received, but says paternity leave was a “choice” and the family made the decision based on their best interests.

ESPN says that despite critics and choices made by each player, the player’s association and the league allow for a three-day paternity leave absence.

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