NBA Finals Game 3: Series tied 1-1 between San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat (BLOG)

For the first time in six years, the San Antonio Spurs will host an NBA Finals game. Fans will be cheering, standing for most of the game no doubt!

But after game two on Sunday night, how much faith do Spurs fans actually have left? The good news: The Spurs stole Game 1 (92-88) and took home court advantage away from the Heat, but Miami came back in Game 2 and demoralized the Spurs 103-84. They also have a 35 and 6 record at home this season, and as we said, it's the first NBA Finals game in San Antonio since 2007.

Tim Duncan talked about the lopsided Game 2 loss and how much momentum was left in the Spurs locker room: "Not after tonight. I think they regained that," Duncan said. "Obviously we were glad to win a game here in Game 1. Our goal was to get two. But they got the one tonight. We get to go back home. We got a game here. We have three at home, so we're excited about that. But if we play like we did tonight, that's not going to matter."

The game plan for the Spurs has to be to get its "big three" on track. Tony Parker was pedestrian (for him) on Sunday night and he's the obvious motor that runs the San Antonio offense. The Spurs are 43-8 when Parker scores 20 or more points and 18-1 when he scores more than 20 points and has at least 10 assists.

In the meantime, Tim Duncan also needs to play better in game three in order for the Spurs to have any chance of winning. Duncan was 3 for 13 Sunday night for 9 points, but even in game one, Duncan was 8 of 19, finishing with 20 points and 14 rebounds. Credit Udonis Haslem with playing great defense!

If you're a Heat fan, there's reason to be optimistic! Miami hasn't lost back to back games since January 8 and 10 and the Heat's "big three" is much younger than the Spurs.

One interesting note regarding tonights game: Since moving to a 2-3-2 format in 1985; in a 1-1 series, the winner  of Game 3 has won the title 12 of 13 times.  The only team that's lost the series after winning game three in that formula was the Miami Heat in 2011.

Keep in mind too, that the NBA Finals were a fixture in San Antonio for a long, long time. The Spurs won four titles in a nine year span that started in 1999.

My Prediction: Spurs beat Heat in Game 3

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