Michael Jordan turns 50: Big deal! (BLOG)

ESPN makes Jordan's 50th into a major event

Michael Jordan turns 50 years old Sunday, and I have just one question: Who cares?

Fact is, ESPN has been treating Jordan's 50th birthday like it's the Super Bowl!    

Between ESPN and sports talk radio, I'm as tired of hearing about Jordan's 50th birthday as I was hearing about Ray Lewis' retirement prior to the Super Bowl.

From all the coverage, you'd think Jordan's birthday is as big a deal as LeBron James' "Decision" show.

Look, I'm glad MJ's turning 50, but come on, isn't there anything else going on in sports?

In addition, a lot of people turn 50 every year. According to statistics compiled by Georgia State University, someone turns 50 every six seconds!

That's more than 300,000 every month! And ESPN is making a big deal out of Michael Jordan's 50th?

Look, I have a lot of respect for what MJ did on the basketball court, but more than a week of coverage for a birthday?

Oh, by the way, happy 50th to Charles Barkley. Sir Charles turns 50 next Wednesday (February 20) and we'll have complete coverage throughout the week! Let's start the countdown clock!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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