Martina Hingis inducted into International Tennis Hall of Fame after accused of cheating on husband

NEWPORT, RI - Tennis star Martina Hingis's induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame is being slightly overshadowed by her estranged husband's claims that she is a serial adulterer, according to Swiss newspaper SonntagsBlick.

French equestrian Thibault Hutin, 26, said he walked in on Hingis with another man in a hotel room one year after they married in Paris in December 2010.

Hutin reportedly tried to salvage the marriage but found out that she had cheated on him again, claiming that Hingis, 32, had a "personal conception of morality" and she cheated on all of her past boyfriends.

According to the Daily Mail , at 22, Hingis retired from tennis after an injury in 2002.

She returned in 2006 only to quit a year later after allegedly testing positive for cocaine, making this her second media scandal.

Hingis was inducted into the Hall of Fame over the weekend in Newport, Rhod Island.

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