Fouhy on Sports: Triple Crown needs fixing!

PHOENIX - California Chrome loses his bid to become the 12th Triple Crown winner in history and afterward, co-owner Steve Coburn goes off about how unfair it is for owners to pick and choose which races their horses will run in the three races of the Triple Crown.

You know, while it may sound like sour grapes to a lot of you, I think he may be right!

Of the 11 horses that ran in the 2014 Belmont Stakes, only California Chrome, General A-Rod and Ride on Curlin ran in the first two races at Churchill Downs and Pimlico.

How is it that horses trying to win the most coveted crown in horse racing have to run against “fresh legs” in nearly every race?

Frankly, allowing owners to pick and choose which race they’ll run in just doesn’t seem fair. No wonder there’s only been 11 horses who have won the Triple Crown.

As I said, of the 11 horses that ran in the Belmont, only three ran in all three races. Four ran in two races while four more only ran in the Belmont Stakes!

And guess what? This year’s winner, Tonalist, ran in its first race of the three. The horse that came in second, Commissioner, also ran its first race of the three.

I have to agree with Coburn. It just doesn’t seem right and to me, it needs fixing, before next year!

That’s Fouhy on Sports!

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