Vince Wilfork wife: Former Patriot Ted Johnson in hot water after calling player's wife ugly

Ouch! Former New England Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson is doing some major back-pedaling on some pretty erroneous comments he made about a current Patriot players wife (That is a HUGE, no-no).

As posted on Yahoo! Sports , Johnson was speaking on a Houston radio station when one of the hosts asked him to name the player who had the ugliest wife in the NFL.

Sure, behind closed doors, people make comments about other people all of the time. But in public? Come on. And to another man's wife? Common sense -- you'd think -- would tell you to say nothing.

Nope. Johnson decided to call out current Patriots' linebacker Vince Wilfork and his wife. His reasoning? He thought since Wilfork wasn't in Houston, he wouldn't hear it.

Oh how the secret powers of the internet can be unleashed.

Wilfork took to Twitter, @Wilfork75 , to not only defend his wife, but stick up for common decency.  At the same time, Wilfork's wife posted a message to  Instagram , but insisted she was "good."

That caused Johnson to go into PR recovery mode. He posted onto his twitter account, @TedJ52 , a lengthy apology.

"I just made a huge error in judgement and want to apologize to Vince and his wife for comments I made earlier today on a Houston radio show," he said in one message.

"Vince and his family are outstanding people who I have admired since they arrived in NE.I learned a big lesson today and feel terrible," he said in another.

The big question I have is ... as a grown adult, what took you so long to learn this "lesson?"

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