Watch out if you're ever considered a favorite in sporting event (BLOG)

PHOENIX, AZ - Two words of caution for coaches, players and gamblers: "watch out" if you're ever considered "the favorite" in a sporting event! Especially if you're a double digit favorite!

So far this week, we've seen three teams fall after being blessed with double digit odds. It started Monday night in San Diego where the Arizona State Sun Devils were supposed to walk all over Texas Tech. The Devils were two touchdown favorites, but the Red Raiders had other ideas, handing ASU a 14 point loss.

Baylor entered Wednesday's Fiesta Bowl as 17 point favorites over Central Florida, but the knights apparently didn't read the newspapers that repeatedly explained how Baylor was going to beat up on them because UCF pounded the tar out of the Bears, 52-42.

And then it was the Sugar Bowl. Alabama was supposed to destroy Oklahoma, but evidently they don't gamble in Oklahoma because the Sooners had no idea they were supposed to lose. They beat the defending national champs 45-31.

So be careful, just because somebody says a team is supposed to lose, it doesn't always mean they will! Just take a look at this year's Phoenix Suns! Las Vegas had them winning twenty games all season and as of today, they've already won nineteen!

And I'm willing to bet they're not going to lose the rest of their games this season!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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