VIDEO: Steve Nash says he 'always wanted to stay with Suns'

New questions are coming out about who made the final decision in the much-talked-about trade that sent Steve Nash to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Talking to ABC15's Craig Fouhy following a Wednesday press conference in Los Angeles, Nash said he "always wanted to stay with the Suns", but the team decided to go another direction.

The statement during a one-on-one interview with ABC15 may come as a surprise to some Suns fans, who were up in arms over the recent trade.

Nash told us he looks forward to playing with the Lakers, but said he would have liked to stay in the Valley.

"It's a great opportunity and a great challenge," Nash said of joining the Lakers. "I always wanted to stay with the Suns and continue there, but I realized that wasn't going to happen...they are rightfully going in a new direction, moving forward without me."

Another issue that played a part in the Suns' move? Nash's salary.

Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby said the sign-and-trade deal was a mutual decision, but admitted the math was not there.

Watch Craig's full interview with Nash in the video attached above.

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