Valley MMA fighter Matt Betzold defies the odds

Fighters fight. Most do battle in the ring, while others fight all their life. 

When MMA fighter Matt Betzold lost his left leg as a 6-year-old, the fight was on.    

"I've been fighting all my life, you could say," Betzold told ABC15 after a training session this week. 

As if competing in mixed martial arts isn't tough enough, try it with one leg. 

"My strength is my mind. My strength is my will, my heart, my desire and passion to keep going," Betzold said. "Whenever things don't go my way, I keep pushing forward." 

As one of eight siblings, Betzold admits that he learned to fight at an early age. Literally. His brothers tutored him in boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and jujitsu. 

Turns out, all that tutelage and training has obviously serve him well in the cage, where Betzold owns a 3-3 record as a competitive fighter. 

"Lots of people still try and tell me I can't do it, even though I hold this belt," Betzold said with his flyweight championship belt draped over his shoulder.  "So it's kind of hard to deny me now." 

His next fight comes Friday night as part of the World Fighting Federation event at the Wild Horse Pass Casino in Chandler.

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