Tiger (Woods) sighting in Arizona (BLOG)

Question – would you rather be known as "Mr. President" or "a pretty good stick?" As in, would you rather be known as the leader of the free world or have the world's leading golfer deem you a darn good player?     

Hmmm. Tough call. Give me a moment to ponder the two terms that Tiger Woods used to refer to President Barack Obama. 

"Playing with Mr. President was pretty cool," Woods said Tuesday. "He's just a wonderful person to be around."

In fact, after teaming up to tee it up with Obama over the weekend, Tiger opined that "if (Obama) ever spent, after these four years, spent more time playing the game of golf, I'm sure he could get to where he's a pretty good stick." 

Turns out, Tiger partnered with the President to win at the Floridian, but what about the Match Play Championship at Dove Mountain? 

"The whole idea is just to beat one guy at a time," said Woods, seeded #2. "That's the thing. There are times where I've played well in matches and I've lost, and other times where I've played poorly and advanced.

The No. 1 seed is Rory McIlroy, who has only played two competitive rounds the past three months. Eldrick won the week before the Phoenix Open – a four-shot win at Torrey Pines. 

Back in 2008, Tiger won in Marana. Ever since, he's failed to advance past the second round in the match play format. 

"It's pot luck in these 18-hole sprints like this. As I said, it's imperative to get off to a quick start and get up on your opponent early. It's just so hard to come back in 18-hole matches, and hopefully, I can do that conceivably for all six."

By the way, considering the weather forecast for the Tucson area, there might be more than white golf balls on the course. Yes, prepare yourself for the the white stuff because light snow is possible.

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