Thomas Greiss' mistake costs Phoenix Coyotes a win

PHOENIX - No offense to Coyotes goalie Thomas Greiss, but what in the heck were you thinking?

How in the world could you be behind the net with 41 seconds to play, with your team holding a 2-1 lead and the Oilers playing with a man advantage?

Look, I understand that mistakes happen, but my goodness, a guy who’s played as well as Greiss has lately, gets himself completely out of position with the Oilers playing with an empty net? Thomas, there’s six guys on the ice, playing against you!

You just can’t let that happen!

I realize I’m beating up on a guy who’s already beaten himself up plenty, but when you’re as close to the playoffs as the Coyotes are, you can’t afford to make any mistakes, let alone, one as glaring as that one!

The bottom line is, yes, Greiss was way out of position and his mistake is the most glaring of the game, but let me tell you, there were plenty of other mistakes made by lots of other guys throughout that game against Edmonton!

So now, the Coyotes have just four regular season games to play and they’re in a very tough spot! In order to have any shot at the playoffs, they’ll probably have to win out! But to do that, they’ll have to play near flawless hockey.

Let’s just hope they can. In fact, let’s hope they do!

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