Biggest assist ever, from former Phoenix Suns player Eddie Johnson

PHOENIX - Eddie Johnson scored more than 19,000 points in his 17-year NBA career, including a stint with the Phoenix Suns.   

Now, how many assists did EJ dish out? Uh, we're not exactly sure. And that's mainly because we honestly don't remember how many times because EJ was known as a pure shooter and scorer. 

But in his post-playing career, the former NBA Sixth Man of the Year and Suns broadcaster has turned author. And he's currently dishing out his biggest assist ever. It's called "You Big Dummy! An Athlete's ‘Simple' Guide to a Successful Career!"

It's a dozen chapters spanning 166 pages and covers many life lessons that, as Johnson says, are applicable to "anyone from middle school on up." And that includes more than just athletes.  

"It's all the things that I did in my life as a basketball player. I got tired of people writing clinical books that didn't play the game," Johnson told me on ABC15 Sports Sunday. "Why not an athlete write it because I traveled that path." 

I asked EJ what he hoped to accomplish with the book that's available on He talked about valuable personality traits like leadership. 

"I want to improve the thought process of our young men," Johnson said. "A lot of stories and analogies that involve Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan."  

Sometimes in life, it's not just what you do, but what you decide to avoid. On occasion, everyone can encounter a "fireball of confusion," as Johnson terms it. 

"We've seen so many athletes get into trouble for silly and dumb stuff," Johnson summed up.

Hence, a book that Johnson says he intends for the masses. Meaning, anyone looking for life lessons and hoping to avoid telling themselves, "you big dummy!"

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