'Super' twins Larae and Janelle Hunt combine skills for Valley Christian softball team

The Pitcher – Catcher relationship in softball is unique. Communication is key and it's important that both players know the play, and at times, they have to know what the other is thinking.

Larae and Janelle Hunt are experts in both.

You see, Larae is the catcher and Janelle is the pitcher, but Larae is also two minutes older.

Valley Christian softball head coach Jenni LaBlanc believes that having your twin behind the plate makes a huge difference! At least for the Trojans. "You really have to, as a pitcher, feel comfortable with the person that's catching you behind the plate, having your sister do it is one thing, having your twin sister do it is an amazing thing."

On the day we visited Larae and Janelle, Valley Christian was hosting Northwest Christian, but quickly found themselves struggling. Valley gave up two runs in the third inning, four in the fifth inning and six in the sixth inning.

But in the midst of all the adversity, Larae knew exactly what to say to Janelle to help her get her confidence back. Larae says, "We have one of the best defenses in our division and we need to show it and step up our game. So we need to say something, anything to get them pumped up, like you got this, you did an amazing job, be aggressive and put it all out there."

Coach LeBlanc says, "that translates into the game in a very positive way where they're encouraging and pushing each other but in a way that they know how to get each other motivated."

Valley Christian lost the game 12 to 3, but ended the season with a very respectable 16 wins and just 7 losses.

With regard to the twins future, Larae is being recruited by a couple of schools to play softball, while Janelle plans to go to Grand Canyon University where she'll study nursing.

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