Super Bowl 2014: 10 top Arizona athletes share their Super Bowl picks

PHOENIX - Who do some of Arizona's top athletes think will win Super Bowl XLVIII? Here are 10 predictions from current members of the Suns and Coyotes, as well as former ASU and UA football greats.

Paul Bissonnette (Phoenix Coyotes forward): "I think I've got to go with the Seahawks. I predicted them to win 24-21 just (because of) the cold weather and good defense. They've had a few weeks to prepare for (Broncos quarterback Peyton) Manning, so I'm pretty sure that they'll adjust accordingly for a great offense that likes to throw. The Seahawks have got a pretty good secondary."

Shane Doan (Phoenix Coyotes center and captain): "For me, I think I've got to go with the old guy, Peyton Manning. I really like (Seahawks quarterback) Russell Wilson and I hope he wins one, but Peyton might just be around for another year, so I'll be cheering for him. 28-24 Denver.

Goran Dragic (Phoenix Suns guard): "I don't follow it a lot, but the guys are talking in the locker room. Everybody's saying Denver Broncos, but I'm going to go for the Seattle Seahawks. I like that young quarterback, Wilson. I like his game."

Channing Frye (Phoenix Suns forward/center): "Seahawks, 21-18. I just think their defense can get to Peyton. They like being the underdog and I think they're a little more used to playing in bad weather. It's going to be a great game."

Ricky Hunley (UA linebacker, 1980-83): "Denver Broncos all the way. I played for them (from 1984-87), and I like Peyton Manning. Peyton does a great job of redirection and going to his open receivers consistently play after play. I think Denver's offense may have a little more firepower than Seattle's defense. 27-16 Broncos."

Chris McGaha (ASU wide receiver, 2006-09): "I think it has to be Denver just because there are more ASU (players on the team). I just think Peyton Manning is ridiculous, and I think (Seahawks cornerback Richard) Sherman is good, but I think he'll be exposed by Peyton Manning. I think Denver's going to win by two."

P.J. Tucker (Phoenix Suns forward): "I'm a defensive player, so I'm going with the D, baby. Seahawks all the way. Denver hasn't faced a defense like that. Richard Sherman, let's go. I'm with Seattle, baby. 24-17 Seahawks."

Keith Yandle (Phoenix Coyotes defenseman): "I like Seattle. I think it's one of those things where, like they say, defense wins championships. I think they've got the best defense in the league and had the best defense all year. Obviously, Peyton's a guy who's going to do some picking apart and do a good job, but I think Seattle's offense is good enough to get them the win, and their defense is awesome."

Luis Zendejas (ASU kicker, 1981-84): "I like Seattle, definitely. I think they're a pretty well-run team all the way around. If you look at them, there are really no gaps in there. 28-21 Seahawks."

Max Zendejas (UA kicker, 1982-85): "I like Denver 24-14 just because of Peyton Manning. He's been there, done that. I just don't see it going any other way. When you believe in yourself, a lot of players seem to want to play for you. He's a guy who knows how to get there and knows how to win. That's what he does."

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