Small Stars: Valley dance and cheer squaid aims for Nationals

PHOENIX - We spotted some fast-tempo, extremely enthusiastic girls working on their cheers at Arizona Fusion Cheer and Dance.

The expectations there are high with a national champion banner and pictures that hang on the wall. As well as some demanding practices.

"Have we done this perfect before," their coached asked. "Yes. And do I expect it to be perfect every time we do it?  Yes."

But the hard work is paying off. These girls between 6 and 9 years old are disciplined and well conditioned.

"We're really sharpening and we're gonna win this whole Nationals thing!" Sarah told us. "What I like about [cheer] is that I love to base. I love stunts."

And that's what their routine is filled with. Lifts, flips, kicks and pyramids.

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