Shane Doan weighs in on Phoenix Coyotes deal

GLENDALE, AZ - Just days after the Glendale City Council approved an arena deal with potential Coyotes buyer , Greg Jamison, the Goldwater Institute filed a lawsuit to try to invalidate the vote.

ABC15 Sports caught up with Phoenix Coyotes Captain Shane Doan, who has a lot at stake if the deal does not go through.

"As a player and someone that has been here the whole time, it would be so enjoyable, I would be so happy for it to be done," said Doan.

Over the past three years, Doan has been playing hockey with the uncertainty of the team's future weighing on his shoulders.

He knows he can't control what happens off the ice, but Doan thinks the Coyotes did a good job proving they're a team worth fighting for.

"Because we've been able to have success and win a division and get to the conference finals, you feel like you've done everything that you can do to keep the team, I mean other than winning the Stanley Cup," Doan said.

With their winning history as of late and the stability of a new owner, Doan thinks the Coyotes could eventually be one of the best teams in the league.

"Players want to come and play in Phoenix, they do. They want to come to the Valley and live in the Valley. The season ends and all of a sudden I get phone calls from everybody that I've played with or become friends with that are like 'Hey, I'm coming to the Valley to play golf or do this,'" commented Doan.

On July 1, Doan becomes a free agent. He'll have the opportunity to play for another team, but he says his heart's with the Coyotes.

"They hired me to do a job when I was 18 and that was to win the Stanley Cup and we've never won a Stanley Cup, so I haven't really done my job until that happens, so I want to win and I want to win here," said Doan.

He reckons he has at least five years of hockey left in him, which is enough time to help build a strong foundation, so there's no question that hockey belongs in the desert.

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