Rain washes out high school football games around the Valley (BLOG)

PHOENIX, AZ - Are you kidding me? Instead of moving the games to "field turf" fields, the Arizona Interscholastic Assocation postpones all the high school semifinals playoff games until Monday ?

It's rain people, it's just rain! Last I checked, football plays even in the rain!

Look, I get the fact that the grass fields in Arizona can get pretty darn wet and downright ugly at times, making it nearly impossible to play a football game. But there are also plenty of high schools in the greater Phoenix area that have field turf fields and those fields are just fine!

Logistically, it is tough to move games in just one day, I get that, but you have to wonder, why weren't the games scheduled for field turf fields in the first place?

In Division III, both games scheduled are being played on field turf fields, so why didn't they just go ahead and play? In D-II, one of the games was already set for an artificial surface field, so why wasn't that game played? So when all is said and done, we're talking about three games that could have simply been moved to better fields.

Horizon, Pinnacle, Shadow Mountain and Chaparral all have field turf fields and every field is in great shape! It seems like moving three games to those fields would have been pretty easy to do, but then again, scheduling those games at field turf fields in the first place would have been even easier!

After all, it's just rain people! It's just rain!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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