Arizona Cardinals' quarterback position in question (BLOG)

PHOENIX - Since we're all in a hurry, perhaps it's time to create a new word: QBuestion. Huh? Well, instead of actually taking the time necessary to type out "QB Question"…why not abbreviate it?

If nothing else, it'll save Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt valuable time during his media sessions.  You know, with reporters constantly posing the QBuestion, let the press run the no-huddle.  

Like Monday, where the QBuestion was posed again and the answer is…TBA. No answer, not yet. Not until the Cardinals are able to assess the potential availability of Kevin Kolb, says Whisenhunt. 

So, we're saying there's a chance that Kolb could return from his rib injuries and suit up in Seattle?

"I sure hope so," Whisenhunt said. "The only way we will know is when he can do it in practice. He has made progress. But until he can get out there and see if he can make those throws, then we will know."

Until then, the QBuestion most fans are still tossing around has nothing to do with who's starting but who finished against NY Jets. Or, in this case, who did not. Meaning, did the Cards consider making a change like the Jets and replacing rookie Ryan Lindley with John Skelton? 

Answer – yes, the Cards did consider it. But, no, they did not go through with it. Why? 

"We didn't help Ryan out very much yesterday. There were a lot of areas we had problems," Whisenhunt explained. "We are looking for the right combination to be effective offensively. We talked about it on the sideline, we talked about what was going on during the game. It was a combination of a number of different things besides the quarterback."

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