Phoenix Suns: Planet Orange (cones)?

The Phoenix Suns are tipping off more than a new season. They're launching a new era, right down to a new-look court.  Yes, even the home hardwood has undergone an offseason transformation.  

As I asked Lance Blanks during a live report on ABC15 from US Airways Center prior to the Suns preseason home opener: are you an NBA General Manager or the host of "Extreme Makeover?"

Either way, if you've been keeping score since April and the end of last season, the Suns lead the NBA in decision-making. Starting with the trade of Steve Nash to the Lakers, it's been like a Burger King drive-thru - one whopper after another.  Grant Hill - gone to the Clippers. Goran Dragic - back from the Rockets. Michael Beasley and Wesley Johnson - signed in hopes of maximizing unrealized potential as recent Top-5 picks in the NBA Draft.

In fact, it's worthwhile to note that every single player currently on the Suns roster has been acquired by the current front office. No more holdovers from a prior regime. Meaning, it's time to drop the flag on the meter that will track wins and losses like a passenger's fare on a season long cab ride.   

In talking to various Suns players and coaches, this much is clear: Steve Nash is gone, but the up-tempo style of play is most definitely not. The Suns plan to get up and down the floor. Now, whether it will get 'em anywhere close to a playoff spot ...well, that's the question this season is designed to answer.

So as we track towards the season opener on Halloween night, it's time to trade the hard hats for high-tops. The orange cones are now replaced by Planet Orange, as the construction season gives way to the NBA season.

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