Phoenix Suns on path of destruction? (BLOG)

During the holidays, many families pull up an extra chair around the dinner table. ("Honey, can you please grab the old folding chair out of the hall closet?") 

Hang on, though. The Valley sports scene might need that extra seat.  Actually, make that the "hot" seat.  And make it plural. Cuz it looks like it's not just the NFL team in town, but Planet Orange might be putting out the orange cones soon and forming a (re)construction zone.     

"That's out of my hands. That's not my decision. So I don't spend time worrying about it. I really don't," Alvin Gentry said the day after Suns owner Robert Sarver told USA Today that his head coach is safe through the end of this season.  

"I don't really worry about that. I come to work. I do the best I can," Gentry said. "I do everything that I can to prepare the team."

Thing is, the Suns have lost seven games in a row.  And if you're wondering whether that's the longest skid since before Steve Nash returned to the Purple Palace…#Ding. That'd be correct. 

"I try to get the team in the position for us to play," Gentry continued after practice. "No one really likes to lose. No one likes to be in the situation that we're in. Me, the players, the assistant coaches, no one likes to be in that, management or the ownership. No one likes to be in that situation, but I'm not going to spend my time worrying about that because I don't have any control over that."

Right now, it all depends on whether you look at the Western Conference standings as half-full or half-empty.   

Meaning, the needle on the gauge leans towards full if you figure that the Suns are only five games out of a playoff spot. But at 7-15, the Suns might need to find a fueling station soon if you instead consider that the Suns are a half-game away from the conference cellar.  

"I don't think we have anybody that's a quitter on this team. We'll continue to work at it," Gentry said. "We went thru a tough time last year. We kept plugging away at it.  And we found a way to get it turned around and we'll do the same thing this year."

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