Phoenix Suns being good team bad news for NBA? (BLOG)

After closely watching the Suns through the All-Star break, we’ve come to the following conclusion: the Suns are a good team and that’s bad news for the NBA.

That is, if you care about the brand of basketball played to date over the course of this 82-game schedule. 

No question, the Suns are much better than last year.  But let’s be honest, they shouldn’t be this much better – nine games above .500. The Suns’ success has been aided greatly by the fact that team basketball in the NBA is sorely lacking.    

In other words, how come so many good players make for so much bad basketball? Truth is, individuals matter more than teams. That’s the way the NBA has been marketed for years. 

Hence, we wonder why so many good players across the NBA make for so much bad basketball? We wonder how the Suns, coming off a last place 25-win season, have already swept the Eastern Conference leading Indiana Pacers? And then the Suns provide a much needed reminder that it’s really pretty simple – teamwork trumps talent. 

Hit rewind. When the Suns embarked upon this remarkable turnaround that no one saw coming, it started with the Suns buying into concept of team. Share before shoot.  Passing and playmaking come before pumping up columns in the box score.

And, sure enough, with the Suns traveling to Denver on Tuesday night trying to complete a season sweep of the Nuggets, that’s been the Suns competitive advantage – team basketball equals winning basketball. 

Bottom line – other than Goran Dragic – how many Suns players would start for other NBA teams?  Guess what?  It doesn’t matter.  Taken together, the Suns are good. 

And, unfortunately, that makes the NBA look bad.

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