Phoenix Coyotes sale makes 'progress'

PHOENIX - With the NHL lockout delaying the season, it's been awful quiet with the Coyotes lately. Too quiet.  

That all changed today when I heard from a pair of inside sources who report that Greg Jamison and Gary Bettman met in New York earlier Monday.  

I'm told that the prospective Coyotes owner and the NHL commissioner are making "progress towards closing" the sale of the franchise. Overall, it's said to be a "good sign" for the pending sale.  

Back in May, an agreement in principle was announced to sell the team to Jamison, the former San Jose Sharks executive and part-owner.

As for finalizing the sale and transferring ownership from the league to Jamison's group, a source reports that final approval "could" come by the end of this month.

Then again, based on the Coyotes 3-year odyssey of NHL ownership, this could easily extend into Halloween and Coyotes fans would be asking, "Trick or treat?"        

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