Phoenix Coyotes need to go shopping (BLOG)

GLENDALE, AZ - Please excuse any Coyotes fans that leave their seats and head to the parking lot to grab the jumper cables in their trunk. That’s right, the Desert Dogs desperately need a jolt. 

The Coyotes have now lost four straight games and five out of their last six. But wait, it gets worse.

Phoenix has also surrendered the lead in five of its last 11 games.

On Sunday night, the St. Louis Blues scored four unanswered goals in the third period to shock the Coyotes with a 4-2 victory. Deflating, demoralizing and as far as the postseason goes, debilitating. 

Even worse, the Coyotes' only goals came from the fourth line, including an ultra-rare (and soft) goal by enforcer Paul Bissonnette. 

Translation – if something doesn’t change for the better ASAP then the Coyotes will be DOA in the playoff race. 

For example, the Blues' loss means they just lost a chance to move from 11th place into a wild-card playoff spot in the Western Conference.

"I still look and there are good things that we are doing," said Coyotes coach Dave Tippett. "They pushed hard and we couldn't push back."

The Coyotes need reinforcements. The good news? There’s no better time to bolster the roster than by the NHL trading deadline on Wednesday. 

Heck, at this stage, we advocate making a trade just for the sake of making a trade. Mix it up. Change the temperature and dynamic in the locker room. Do exactly what the Coyotes failed to do last year (or weren’t allowed to do by NHL ownership?) prior to the deadline.    

Demonstrate to the fans and the team itself that the front office believes this squad is worthy of further investment. And, maybe, just maybe, illustrate that players will be held accountable. 

Hence, the best way to resolve this perplexing problem of playing up or down to the level of the competition during a very inconsistent season is to hook up the jumper cables and yell “clear!” 

The Coyotes need a jolt – before the trade deadline. Tick tock.  

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