PAC-12 wants to stop GCU from moving to Division I

Have you heard the latest scandal regarding Dan Majerle and his Grand Canyon University Antelopes?

It seems ASU President Michael Crow and the rest of the Presidents and Chancellors in the PAC-12 are upset that Grand Canyon is moving to Division One!

The reason? Grand Canyon is a "for profit" university and the PAC-12 doesn't think that's right. Dr. Crow and the rest of the PAC-12 don't want the NCAA to accept them into Division One play.

What's crazy is the fact that Grand Canyon has already been accepted into the Western Athletic Conference and will begin play in Division One this coming school year.

The PAC-12 says it's concerned with how athletics will fit within the "mission" of a "for profit" school.

Well, I'll tell you how it fits in! The Antelopes want to beat your butt and take over the basketball fan base here in Phoenix!

So stop complaining and just accept the fact that there's another D-I program here in Phoenix and it's being coached by Thunder Dan Majerle! Get over it!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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