One-on-one with ASU football coach Todd Graham (BLOG)

'Tis the season in college football. The bowl season, which includes an all-expenses paid trip to (hopefully) a resort as a reward for a season well done. 

Beyond the players, it's a week-long event that many fans gladly pay to attend. 

For college coaches, however, an outstanding season doesn't just pay off on the gridiron, but in living rooms.  Recruiting. 'Tis the season to court the next class of Sun Devils.   

Coming off a Pac-12 South Championship, Arizona State hopes to take the next step in recruiting as well. But could there be a lingering issue that just won't disappear? An issue from the past that is directly impacting the future? 

If you've followed the career of head coach Todd Graham, then you realize that it has required a map of the country, along with a NORAD Santa tracker to count the number of jobs he's held in recent years.  

On Tuesday, Coach Graham didn't hesitate to address this perception, even though the topic wasn't raised by the assembled media. 

"One thing that I want to reiterate too, there's a lot of stuff out there, I'm kind of getting tired of it. We are committed to be here to build a top-5 national power. I'm tired of (the rumors).. I'm not talking to anybody. I'm not going to talk to anybody," Graham said emphatically. 

"We've been putting together the top recruiting class in the league and doing some great things. And, obviously, when you're doing those things, a lot of people don't think of anything but negative things to say. But the reality of that is just absolutely false." 

"This is a great situation for us," Graham continued. "We're working hard, myself and Coach Norvell is in the same boat. And we'll have a comment on that tomorrow. 

"Our focus is to keep our staff together. We're going to do that. And we're committed to building a top-5 program in the country."

It's worth noting that ASU offensive coordinator Mike Norvell has interviewed for the head coaching position at Arkansas State, according to multiple reports. 

From ASU to ASU? It could be that the Devils lose a key member of their program before they officially add any new names. 

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