NBA Finals 2013: Miami feeling the Heat vs Spurs (BLOG)

The Miami Heat are trailing the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals. And it's LeBron James' fault.  

Wait. Shouldn't we phrase that in the form of a question, at least?  No. It's a fact. LeBron has not been LeBron. Just ask LeBron the day after his 7-for-21 shooting performance with zero trips to the free throw line.

"As dark as it was last night, can't get no darker than that, especially for me," James said. "So, I guarantee I'll be better (in Game 4) for sure."

As seen on ABC15, the third game in the series brought the third-worst beating in NBA Finals history in a 113-77 Spurs romp. On Tuesday night, the Big Three was more like the big problem.

"If us three don't lead the charge, we're not going to be NBA champions," said Dwyane Wade. "Our teammates count on us, so we have to step up."

So far, not a single member of the Heat has scored 20 points. Not LeBron or D-Wade. Not in any of the three games. And that hasn't happened to a team in the finals since 1981.  

"We just collectively played a very bad basketball game," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. "And that was everybody, including the staff. It was hard to really judge anything and evaluate anything from that game."

The thing is that on the rare occasion the Heat play a poor game, they almost never follow it up with another bad outing. In fact, they haven't lost two in a row since early January. 

"They're going to play a lot better," Tony Parker said at the Spurs' morning shoot around today. "They're going to come out very aggressive, very physical. It's a big game tonight. We're going to have to be ready to match that."

The other question pertains to whether Parker will be able to play at all? A mild hamstring strain knocked the Spurs point guard out of game three early in the second half.    

"I'll be ready to go," Parker said repeatedly in response to questions about his health. 

But, again, it really comes back to whether LeBron is ready to go. If LeBron is LeBron-worthy…(?) 

"Something has to give (Thursday) night," James said Wednesday.  "We've been able to bounce back throughout adverse times throughout the season throughout the years that we've been together, these three years. We'll see."

And you can see it starting at 5:30 p.m. on ABC15.

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