Minnesota win should help Sun Devils move into Top 25 (BLOG)

When Sunday afternoon's A.P. Top 25 College Football Poll is released, I think we're going to realize that the best thing ASU did this weekend, was to not play!

After Minnesota took out 25th ranked Nebraska, the Huskers will certainly fall out of the top 25 and that means, the Sun Devils, who were sitting in 26th in last week's poll, should move up into the this week's top 25!

I'm not saying you can just magically move up in the polls by not playing, but clearly, that may have been the best thing ASU could have done this week. Don't give the pollsters a reason to not vote for you! So don't play, and actually move up in the rankings!

Obviously I'm joking, but I do think Sun Devil fans should be sending thank you cards to the Golden Gophers, because without the Gophers stepping up and beating Nebraska for the first time in 53 years, ASU may still be on the outside, looking in!

But thanks to the Gophers, we'll be celebrating when this week's A.P. Top 25 Poll comes out, because Arizona State will be back in the top 25!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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