Miami Heat win streak shines light on how bad Phoenix Suns are! (BLOG)

PHOENIX - Okay, okay, the Miami Heat has won 27 in a row! Wouldn't it be nice if we were talking about a win streak here in Phoenix? Wouldn't it be nice if we were focusing in on another playoff run, instead of wondering if the Suns will even make it to 25 wins this season?

Unlike the Miami Heat, the Suns have been anything but impressive! In fact, they've been far below average this year! With 11 games to play in the regular season, the Suns are in last place in the Western Conference, sitting at 23 and 48. That's more than 30 games behind conference leader, San Antonio.

The Suns fired Coach Alvin Gentry on January 18. At the time, the team was 13 and 28, with a .317 winning percentage. Under Lindsey Hunter, the Suns are 10 and 20, with a winning percentage of .333. That's one win better than Gentry's start to the season. Not exactly a reason to fire a coach is it? Coach Gentry out because the Suns weren't winning, and Hunter has a winning percentage that's almost identical to Gentry's!

But then again, the records are so similar, I'm not sure it made any difference at all!

They've been blown out a lot since Hunter took over, but again, they had some pretty lopsided losses under Gentry as well.

The problem is, this current win streak by the Miami Heat really shines a spotlight on just how bad the Suns really are. And worse yet, there's no hope in sight! Sorry Suns fans, but that's the reality of our situation here in Phoenix.

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