Mark Grace message packs a 'punch' (BLOG)

It's always tough to admit when you're wrong. It's even more difficult to call a press conference and announce it to the entire world.

"If you do what I did, not only once, but you're dumb enough to do it twice like I did, you belong here."  

Mark Grace spoke from Tent City, where he's been residing (6 p.m. – 6 a.m.) on work release while serving a four-month sentence on aggravated DUI charges.

"If I do it again, I'm going to be in the Arizona Department of Corrections for over a year," Grace continued during a Wednesday night press conference. 

"Like I said, my kids deserve better than that. My family deserves better than that."

The former D-backs star has appointed a poster boy for drunk driving – himself. 

"I made a rotten decision and ended up here," Grace explained. "I'm not an evil person."

Grace told the media he hasn't had a drink since his August arrest. And ever since sobering up, he's been delivering a sobering message.   

"What you think is intoxicated and what the state of Arizona thinks is intoxicated are two different things," Grace said. 

As a result of a pair of DUI arrests in a 15-month span, Grace sleeps in a bunk bed within an open-air tent. But instead hiding behind the razor wire, he invited the cameras and microphones to chronicle his story. 

In baseball, they'd score this strategy as a sacrifice. Give yourself up in hopes of helping the team. In this case, be candid about your own mistakes and hope it will resonate with others.    

"If I'm that stinking stupid to do that again, I want you to come punch me right in the mouth," Grace said emphatically. 

Message sent. Message received.

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