Mariano Rivera honored in Boston, why not St. Louis? (BLOG)

PHOENIX, AZ - Congratulations to Yankees Closer, Mariano Rivera who was honored prior to World Series Game 2 with MLB's Historic Achievement Award!

I have just one question for major league baseball; why did you give the Yankees closer an award at Fenway?

Come on Commissioner, you know better than that! The Red Sox and Yankees are like oil and water, like fire and ice. Red Sox fans don't give a hoot about the Yankees and I'm sure you could say the same thing about Yankees fans and their love of the Red Sox!

Look, I'll give them credit, the Red Sox fans were polite, although a number of them looked at each other cross-eyed, wondering what was wrong with the Commish, but they didn't show any disrespect for Rivera!

But wouldn't St. Louis have been a more appropriate venue to hand out an award to the Yankees pitcher? Wouldn't game three have worked much better than game two in Boston?

Sometimes it makes me wonder what happens in those meetings when all the "suits" sit down to make decisions! Does the obvious ever strike a chord?

Apparently not in baseball! That's Fouhy on Sports!

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