LeBron James dunk session in Phoenix (VIDEO)

PHOENIX - Who says LeBron James isn't participating in the NBA Slam Dunk contest this week? Well, almost.

Turns out Monday morning, an impromptu dunk session broke out following Miami Heat practice in downtown Phoenix.

Watch our must-see video in the player above.

"It's rare," LeBron answered when I asked him how often he practices his dunks. "Very, very rare."

When asked what was behind the array of slams, including lob passes to himself off the walls of the Suns practice court, LeBron simply said, "We had a great practice. I just felt good."

Obviously, the dog days of the NBA season have yet to hit King James.

"When it stops being fun, you should stop playing," LeBron said in response to my question about whether basketball is still fun. 

By the way, I asked Dwayne Wade who would win the Slam Dunk contest if LeBron did happen to enter? LeBron immediately interjected with his own opinion: "Me."

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