Kirk Gibson to Ryan Braun: 'Answer the questions'

Kirk Gibson doesn't take batting practice. At least, not since his playing days have ended has the D-backs skipper engaged in the pre-game ritual. 

That is, unless you count the swing the D-backs manager took at Ryan Braun on Wednesday.

"It's interesting we haven't heard from him, I think he does need to get in front of the people and answer questions," Gibson said when asked whether the suspended superstar should give back his 2011 MVP trophy. "Something tells me he's rehearsing his next speech right now, because he was pretty good at the last one." 

Remember that? When the "D" in D-back stood for denial, defiant and dogmatic. Back when Braun delivered a statement to the media in February of 2012 just a few months removed from a playoff series win against the D-backs where Braun hit .500 (9 hits in 18 at-bats). 

"I promise you on everything that's ever meant anything to me in my life, the morals, the values, the virtues by which I've lived for my 28 years on this planet, I did not do this," Braun stated emphatically from the Brewers' spring training complex in Maryvale, only to accept a 65-game suspension this month.

In the playoffs, Braun's playoff production was too much to handle as the D-backs lost the series finale in extra innings. In hindsight, Braun's speech was too hot to handle for Gibby in the wake of Braun violating the MLB drug policy. 

"All things aside, how anybody feels, I think Braun should get in front of a microphone and address people and answer the questions because, honestly, we don't really know what it is," Gibson said.

"So, I think it'd be useful to get it out there and then we can kind of go from there," Gibson continued.  "I find it interesting that he's not."

"I find it interesting that he's not."

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