Kevin Kolb's career with the Arizona Cardinals over? (BLOG)

Should we make anything of the fact that when the guy wearing #4 went down, the Cardinals win total stalled at the number four. Hmmm....

Since a Thursday night loss in St. Louis (where #4 was sacked 9 times), the Cardinals have played eight more games that finished without Kevin Kolb.  

And, let's see, without their starting QB, the Cardinals finished every one of those games in the loss column. Hmmm.  

Do we see a connection? Dare we say a direct correlation? Yes and yes. 

"Obviously, we haven't gotten the play out of that position that we've needed. And that's what you've got to have," said Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt after explaining that Kevin Kolb had been placed on season ending injured reserve. "That is definitely something that makes a difference."

As the Cardinals signal caller, Kevin Kolb threw eight touchdowns and three interceptions. After the Cards franchise worst 58-0 smashcaking in Seattle, the combined stats for backup QB's John Skelton and rookie Ryan Lindley tell quite a different story: two TD passes thrown with 14 interceptions. 

"It's upsetting and disappointing with where we started and the way the season kicked off to be in this position," Kolb said on Wednesday, referring to the 4-0 start that preceded the current 9-game losing streak. 

Looking ahead, without a stellar crop of quarterbacks in the draft, the Cardinals are seemingly going to want an encore from #4. Does Kolb want Arizona? 

"I feel like we did some really good things," Kolb said. "My heart and soul is with this organization and I don't want that to change. "I really don't."

Of course, it's not just a football decision looming in 2013. Currently, Kolb is due a $2 million bonus in addition to a $9 million salary. So, the money question here (literally) becomes – would Kolb be open to restructure his contract? 

"If that time comes, we will have that discussion," Kolb said. "Hopefully it won't. Hopefully they see what they have and we can move forward and get to a good offseason."

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