Small Stars: Thunder Football

PHOENIX - "On one, on one. Down, set, hut."

And with that, the Thunder linemen start working on their pass blocking.

While the linemen are hard at it, the skill guys are at the other end of the field, working on alignment, footwork and hand-offs.

But if you want to know about the "gold blooded Thunder" all you have to do is ask 8-year-old Aiden!

"So far, we're looking good, we haven't lost one game. All the teams that we've beat have been easy, but they're coming up harder," he said.

So we ask, "what is you record J.T.?" "Mmmm, four?" Four is good!

While the team's taking a short break, we notice Bennett has a "green" mouthpiece. Not "green" as in environmentally safe, but "green" as in the color green. Not a good thing when your team colors are blue and gold.

"Well, I had it last year so I had to use it," he explains. "You have the same mouthpiece?" we ask. "Yep," Bennett replies.

Two seasons with the same mouthpiece, yum!

And as coach calls the team back to the field, Josh has been patiently waiting to talk to us.

"Uhhh, I wanna tell you my best play," he says.

"Oh, okay, what's your best play?" we ask. "My best play is when I sacked somebody," Josh explains. "You got a sack?" we ask.

"Uh huh," is the reply.  "Nice, what position do you play?" we want to know. "Uh, D-Line, um, uh, guard," is the answer.

Hey, let's face it, it's hot out there and tonight's practice is so intense, even coach Chris has trouble remembering the play call.

"Um, smash left, roll left, um, actually, let's do a smash left, 20 - 28 counter. Smash left 30? 38 counter, smash left, 38 counter on one, ready, break. OK, let's go," he calls.

Got it coach! But the counter doesn't always work the way it's drawn up.

But after a few more tries, it finally all comes together! Until, a new backfield comes in, and it's right back to the drawing board! What's the old saying? "Practice makes perfect?"

While the other unit is on the field, Aiden steals our microphone and starts playing reporter.

"OK, so, what do you think the Thunder is all about? Having fun and working hard. Ehhhhh, keep going."

But as a reporter, getting the answer you want isn't always easy, so Aiden turns to Braeden.

"OK, so what do you think Thunder is all about?" Aiden asks. "Work hard, play hard, win easy," says Braeden. 

"I'm a mini star," Aiden says

No, you're a Small Star! Congratulations gold blooded Thunder, you're this week's Small Stars!

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