Fouhy on Sports: Could we see LeBron James in a Suns uniform?

PHOENIX - Look, all the LeBron James talk is really intriguing! Let’s face it; it’s fun to think of King James running up and down the court at U.S. Airways Center in downtown Phoenix! You know you’d love to see as much as I would!

But stop and think about it, what are the odds that LeBron actually ends up in Phoenix? At this point, I really think he’s going to end up back in Miami. His family loves it there, he’s best friends with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, and they’ve gone to the NBA finals for four straight years!

Sure, the Suns have the money, the cap space and roster flexibility, but is that going to be enough to lure the best player in the world to the Valley of the Sun?

Hey, make no mistake about it, I’m thrilled that the Suns are going big and making a play for LeBron! That itself speaks volumes about what the Suns front office folks are thinking and how they’re playing to win. That alone should put fans in seats next season at U.S. Airways Center.

I really believe this is a team you can count on to do whatever it takes to win a championship, and honestly, I wasn’t so sure just a few years ago.

But this is not your father’s Phoenix Suns! This organization is big, it’s bold and it’s doing its best to win and win now!

But when all the dust settles, will LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony be wearing Suns uniforms? I just don’t think so, not at this point.

But I’d sure welcome it if it happens!

That’s Fouhy on Sports!

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