Fouhy on sports: Could 1-5 start to 2014 derail Diamondbacks for season?

PHOENIX, AZ - As Eric Chavez told me before Monday’s (3/31/2014) home opener, it’s not easy to overcome a losing record early in the season, “I don’t know about more pressure but, the saying is, 'you can't win a division in the first month, but you can sure bury yourself,' so, it's two games, we know not to make too much of it, but it's real important for us.”

Important is an understatement. The Diamondbacks 1 and 5 start ties the franchise record for the worst start ever, tying the teams’ starts in 1998, 1999 and 2003.

The good news is, there are still 156 games to play. The bad news is, the team is still missing three of their best pitchers and when you consider that Bronson arroyo made it just four and a third innings in his first start and Trevor Cahill pitched just six innings in a losing effort on Wednesday, this could turn ugly in a hurry!

The other good news is, I’m an optimist, so at this point of the season, I’m still thinking the best. Hopefully, the D-backs are too!

That’s Fouhy on Sports!

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