Fouhy on Sports: Really? Come on Cardinals Linebacker Daryl Washington!

PHOENIX - Daryl, Daryl, Daryl! Come on Buddy! You know better. Your third violation of the League's substance abuse policy? Really? Daryl, we need to talk! You're an Arizona Cardinals linebacker!

I know you apologized and I know you're sorry. At least that's what you've told us. But come on, three times?

Maybe there was a misunderstanding and maybe you were wrongfully accused, but three times?

Look, I get mistakes and I understand that once in a while there's going to be misunderstandings, but I still can't quite grasp "three" of them.

Hey, if you don't know the rules, ask somebody! Maybe one of your teammates understands the rules and can help you out.

But you can't keep making mistakes like this, not when it affects your teammates and your fans!

And not with so much at stake: You have a new coach, the division is tougher than it's ever been and this defense needs you.

Daryl, I'm on your side buddy! I want you on the field, I want you to play; but you really need to be smarter!

Just one piece of advice, "follow the rules"!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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