Fouhy on Sports: Major League Baseball got it right with the All-Star Game

When it comes to All-Star games, I'm typically not a fan! That's not to say the games aren't entertaining, it's just that, other than a showcase for some of the league's best players, there's very little on the line.

That's where Major League Baseball finally got something right!

Since 2003, the MLB All-Star game has determined home field advantage for the World Series. But do you know why its done this way?

It's because the 2002 All-Star game went eleven innings and ended in a 7-7 tie! The two managers-- Yankees Joe Torre and the Diamondbacks Bob Brenly-- literally ran out of players to put into the game after 11 innings.

So in 2003, MLB decided it needed to make the game mean something! So given all the troubles baseball has had with steroids and human growth hormones, at least it got this one right!

Now we just have to work on the rule that says, every team has to have a player on the All-Star roster! Hmmm… we still have a ways to go!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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