Fouhy: I wish more owners were like Ken Kendrick!

PHOENIX - There was a quote in the newspaper today that really caught my attention. It was an article about Diamondbacks Managing General Partner, Ken Kendrick, but before you say, "here we go again," just listen to what he had to say.

Talking about team owners, Kendrick said, and I quote, "At the end of the day, I think fans deserve honesty more than political correctness. I would prefer an owner of a team that I'm a fan of, to be more honest about what he feels is going on with his players."

Amen! I know Kendrick's put his foot in his mouth a few times in the past, but wouldn't it be refreshing if more owners were like Kendrick and just flat out told us what they really think?

If not, then I'll just keep doing it for them! HA!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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