Fans happy as Spring Training kicks off in the Valley

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - It’s that time of year again, 15 Major League Baseball teams are setting up camp in the Valley.

They’re part of the Cactus League and players will be honing their skills at parks throughout the Valley through the end of March.

The league itself brings in $600 million annually to Arizona, according to a study on the economic impact of the league in the state.

On a beautiful day like today, it was easy to find fans happy about the game and the weather.

“This is hope, this is the return of spring, what could be better,” said fan Vicki Hazel at the Arizona Diamondbacks game at Salt River Fields on Wednesday.

It was 4-year-old Griffey Crutcher’s first trip to a Spring Training game and he was excited to be there.

He didn’t have a lot to say, but he was rooting for the Diamondbacks, and with a prompt from mom said “Beat L.A.”

Mom and dad decided to take the day off from work to catch the game.

"I blackmailed a guy into getting me tickets and stuff like that, so he hooked me up (laughs). He owed me a favor, so he hooked it up with tickets," Devlyn Crutcher said.

Devlyn played a little baseball in high school and gets goose bumps when he sees the Diamondbacks take the field.

"Well when you look at how the grass is cut and everything like that, it makes me want to grab a bat to see if I can hit it out and that kind of thing too," he said.

And maybe one day little Griffey, who’s named after Ken Griffey Jr., will take to baseball, making mom and dad very proud.

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