Everything you need to know about Cardinals training camp

Arizona Cardinals training camp kicked off on Thursday at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

There will be 17 open practices for fans between July 26 and August 22.

Admission and parking are both free for all open practices at the stadium .

PRACTICES: Open practice sessions will be held from 2 to 4:35 p.m. starting on Friday, July 26 and concluding on Thursday, August 22.

PUBLIC PARKING: Carparks on the east side of the stadium (Green and Grey) will open each practice day at 12:30 p.m.. Guests are advised to use the Green entry off of 91 st Avenue. For practices on weekends (Friday-Sunday), additional lots on the West (Orange) side of the stadium will also be available for fans to park.

STADIUM ENTRY: Fans should enter through Gate 3 on the east side of the stadium beginning at 1:30 p.m. each afternoon. Fans can also enter through the AZone Team store at the north end near Gate 2. For practices on weekends (Friday-Sunday), fans can also enter through Gate 1 on the west side of the building. In accordance with current NFL security guidelines, all fans will be subject to screening prior to entry including an inspection of all items brought inside the stadium.

FAN SEATING: Open seating for fans will be available on the east side of the stadium in the lower level for all Cardinals practices throughout training camp. For practices on weekends (Friday-Sunday), additional lower bowl seating will be provided on the west side of the stadium. In addition, the south bridge will also be accessible for fans to watch practice throughout training camp.

KIDS INTERACTIVE ZONE: Located at the north end of the stadium on the main concourse, activities here include an inflatable obstacle course, quarterback toss, and combine-like football drills. All children who wish to participate in this activity must register prior to entering the area. Registration tables are located at the entry to the area.

AUTOGRAPHS: Following practices, players will sign autographs along the lower field walls for a limited time prior to leaving the field. To ensure all fans have an enjoyable and safe experience, fans are asked to be considerate of each other and especially to those younger fans attempting to get an autograph.

CHILDREN'S AUTOGRAPH EXPERIENCE:  A limited number of children between the ages of 2 and 12 will also have the opportunity to participate in a free post-practice player autograph experience. Wristbands for access to this experience will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis at the Children's Autograph Experience table at the entry to the Kids Interactive Zone.

CONCESSIONS: A wide array of food and beverage offerings will be available at locations throughout the stadium including "Cards Camp Combos" particularly intended for families and offer savings of 15-40% off regular menu prices.

AZone TEAM STORE: Cardinals merchandise will be available at the AZone Team Store located at the north end of the stadium by Gate 2. The store will be open and accessible from outside of the stadium. Beginning at 1:30 p.m., fans coming to practice can enter the stadium through the team store.  

RED & WHITE PRACTICE: On Saturday, August 3 the Cardinals will host a special "Red & White" practice from 2:00-4:35 p.m. at University of Phoenix Stadium. More details will be announced separately.

Date                                              Practice Time                                             

            Friday, 7/26/13                                   2:00-4:35 PM

            Saturday, 7/27/13                              2:00-4:35 PM

            Sunday, 7/28/13                                2:00-4:35 PM

            Monday, 7/29/13                                2:00-4:35 PM

            Tuesday, 7/30/13                               2:00-4:35 PM

            Wednesday, 7/31/13                         Players day off                                                        

            Friday, 8/2/13                                    2:00-4:35 PM

            Saturday, 8/3/13                                2:00-4:35 PM (Red and White Practice)

Sunday, 8/4/13                                Players day off

            Monday, 8/5/13                              2:00-4:35 PM

            Tuesday, 8/6/13                             2:00-4:35 PM

            Wednesday, 8/7/13                        2:00-4:35 PM

            Thursday, 8/8/13                           Travel to Green Bay                                                 

            Friday, 8/9/13                                Preseason game #1 at Green Bay Packers

            Monday, 8/12/13                            2:00-4:35 PM

            Tuesday, 8/13/13                           2:00-4:35 PM

            Wednesday, 8/14/13                     Players day off 

            Thursday, 8/15/13                          2:00-4:35 PM

            Saturday, 8/17/13                          Preseason game #2 vs. Dallas Cowboys

            Monday, 8/19/13                            2:00-4:35 PM

            Tuesday, 8/20/13                           2:00-4:35 PM

            Wednesday, 8/21/13                     2:00-4:35 PM

            Thursday, 8/22/13                          2:00-4:35 PM

                                                     BREAK CAMP

            Saturday, 8/24/13                          Preseason game #3 vs. San Diego Chargers

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