Evander Holyfield brings his new "Real Deal" barbecue sauce to the Valley

Evander Holyfield has turned in his boxing gloves for some barbeque accessories.

Holyfield is now the face of "Real Deal" barbecue sauce, a product he believes in. In fact, he told ABC15 that when he saw the original ingredients contained preservatives, he got the company to take them out.

"It's the real deal!" he said.

Right now the sauce is offered in hot and mild flavors. Next up, honey mustard and an extreme heat.

"If you buy the mild, I keep my clothes on," he said in reference to his picture on the bottle. "If you get the hot, then you get to see my shoulders."

One of Holyfield's biggest supporters: Mike Tyson. Tyson showed up to Holyfield's event for Real Deal in Chicago.

"It's important to forgive," said Holyfield. "It sent a message and let the world know that two fighters can come and forgive each other and move on for the best."

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