Drew Brees in trouble, Bubba Watson buys dinner (BLOG)

I have a couple of topics that just need some discussion. Drew Brees gets called out for leaving a $ 3 dollar tip for a take-out order and then Bubba Watson buys sixty people dinner at a Chipotle in Ohio. Talk about Yin and Yang!

First, the Yin! Saints quarterback Drew Brees ordered some take-out at the Del Mar Rendezvous restaurant this summer near San Diego. He grabbed the food and left a $3 dollar tip. That three dollar tip has people fuming! How could a guy who makes $10 million dollars a year, leave a three dollar tip?

Come on people! It was take-out! Even Brees said via Twitter that he leaves 20 percent or more when he dines in, so come on, when was the last time you tipped on a take-out order? Did you tip the last time you picked up some pizza or a few burgers?

Then there's the Yang to this story. PGA tour pro, Bubba Watson finished his second round at the Bridgestone Invitational in Akron, Ohio and then hit the local Chipotle. When he got there he decided to buy everyone in the restaurant dinner. Sixty people dinner all got dinner for free!

Watson spent close to five hundred dollars buying dinner for everyone who walked in!

Hmmm, I wonder if Bubba left a tip?

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